Wow! Where Have I Been?

I realised today that I hadn’t posted anything in this blog for AGES! I’ve not logged into it for so long that I couldn’t even remember my password! Not only that..because I have a few websites which also have wordpress, I realised I am still on the old style of the admin section! Wow, how far have we come just over the last 6 or so months.

It seems that maybe social networking sites have taken over blogs a little as far as making random meaningless comments which just come to the top of your head, or even just letting people know what your up to. It would also seem, that these social networking sites don’t want you to rant on for ages about whatever comes to mind, so they restrict what you can say to just a few lines. By the time you get to the last character.. its as though they are saying “I’m sure you can say what you need to say in less words than you are saying it”.

I guess its good in the sense that it does make you think about what you are saying, and helps to see just how many words it takes you to get a point across.

It makes you think of the secretarys who go through all the letters before they hand them over to the boss. They will read through the letter with a felt tip to hand and cross out all the stuff they deem irrelevant. This saves the boss trawling through long letters wasting him time reading the stuff that he will have no interest in.

Are we a generation of ranters which needed to be kicked into touch? I guess some of us must be, because we find that everyone is hanging around the places where you can’t really say too much!

The thing that makes me laugh most about things like twitter etc, is that you get these celebs who post the most irrelavant, boring rubbish ever and people come along and comment on it?? Whats that all about?

For example, celeb writes – ooh, just had a nice cuppa – then you get thousands of comments on the post talking about anything from, how many sugars did you have to whats the weather like there! Blimey!

Anyway, I guess I still like to rant now and again, so my blog will at least be sticking around for a little longer yet.

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Your blog hit the nail on the head….

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